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  • Flat Glass
  • Glass Processing Machinery
  • Glass Tempering Machinery
  • Venetian and Blind Strips in Between Double Glazing

FGI Flat Glass International has been serving in the market since 2001, as regional and international representative of leading manufacturers mainly in glass sector and also the other sectors. Besides the company continues its commercial activities with a customer-oriented service approach. Besides being the representative of manufacturers providing production lines, machinery, equipment and high-tech solutions for the glass sector, industrial gas supply systems (Hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen production units and recovery solutions) and special heavy load and platform transportation vehicles are submitted to the related sectors. Commercial activities comprises, nano hydrophobic coatings for the glass sector, special glass and acrylics for museum and exhibition purposes, warm edge spacers and processing materials for glass processing are sold.

Cooltemper Tempering FurnacesTempering Furnaces for security glass production

Founded in 1976, COOLTEMPER is a majör supplier of tempering furnaces. With a company policy of constant reinvestment in products and new technology, COOLTEMPER aims to keep four to five years ahead of its competitors. Blade thin glass tempering furnaces; designed to manufacture fully tempered 1.8 & 2mm (5/64 ) glass products in the photovoltaic and white goods industry . Minimo, mini horizantal tempering furnace; designed specifically for tempering tight tolerance/specification, small glass sizes requiring an extremely good optical surface quality. Firejet+ tempering furnace with top & bottom re-circulated convection blowers; is capable of tempering all current glass products from clear float to triple silver coatings with superior cycle times and finished glass quality. The system utilizes fans to fully re-circulated hot air, both top and bottom, inside the oven area. Firejet, tempering furnace with top re-circulated & bottom high speed blowers; is capable of tempering all current glass products from clear float to triple silver coatings. The system utilizes zonal fans in the top of the oven to fully re-circulated hot air, and energy efficient high speed convection fan in the bottom of the oven to assist the heating of the glass.

Super Spacer® T-Spacer; Super Spacer® TrisealWarm edge Spacers

Quanex supplies industry-leading Super Spacer® products to the market by the support of services, such as marketing tools, technical assistance, R&D ,to meet all the demand of the customers. Our true dual seal warm-edge spacer line Super Spacer® provides optimal durability and performance for residential and commercial applications. Super Spacer® warm edge spacers; Reduces energy consumption and production costs; Super Spacer® is the world s first spacer system made of flexible structural foam with integrated desiccant. The entire edge seal becomes flexible through the flexible spacer. As a result of this the temperature fluctuations of the seal are perfectly balanced by the sealants. In addition the risk of breakage of the glass on the edge sealant is minimized. Guarantor of more aesthetics for high demands upon the appearance and design; Super Spacer® offers benefits to architects and property develops through its discreet appearance and outstanding flexibility. Like almost no other spacer it is appropriate for the precise, automated processing of the multiple insulating glass units and also for the small, curved or freely formed glass panes. Productivity in Processing; when processing Super Spacer® the individual cutting to length, application of polyisobutylene and filling with desiccant are not required.

Rollmac Roller CoaterGlass Processing Machines

Rollmac is the brand name of roller coating machines are produced by Gemata for glass sector. Gemata was founded in 1972 in Italy. Rollmac roller coating machines are best for certain wall spandrel glazing printings, satinated glass effects and design printings. ColorGlass is a new single-roller machine, suitable to the enamelling and design printing of glass sheets by means of an engraved cylinder. Thanks to its high versatility and ease of use, Colorglass is the indispensable working tool production lines. With ColorGlass it s possible to easily enamel and print any kind of flat glass on the market with thicknesses from 2 mm. to 25 mm. In addition to a wide variety of roller options, the amount of paint to be used per square meter can be adjusted according to demand. The printing speed can be changed from 0.5 meters to 6 meters per minute in accordance with the needs of the user. Anti-vibration system is activated during printing. Roll change can be done quickly with the specially designed cylinder lock system. MultiGlass is a new roller machine with three rollers suitable to the enamelling and design printing of glass sheets. it s possible to easily enamel and print any kind of flat glass on the market with sheet thicknesses from 2 mm. to 25 mm. Problems such as unwanted gaps in printing, overflow of paint or paint deposits on the surface of the glass are not experienced with this machine. It has a wide range of production options from full opaque prints to satin-looking glasses with the appropriate roller, and by using reverse printing technology, it greatly reduces the consumption of printing materials used per square meter. The thickness of the glass to be printed is automatically measured and the rollers are adjusted accordingly. Multiglass is designed to work both as a stand-alone machine and in automatic painting lines. GlassLine is a new machine to enamel the edges by means of a steel engraved cylinder. It is designed to print 5 - 300 mm thick frames on the glass edges. It is suitable for use for 2 25 mm thick glasses. It is possible to use ceramic or organic paint. Glass Drier IR -drying of printed glasses with various sizes is possible by high speed. Energy saving is achieved with a modular system thanks to the special infrared lamps. Opening and closing side panels are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning.

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