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Beylikbağı 339. Sok. No: 1, 41400 / Gebze / KOCAELİ / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 262 654 2070
Hall: 11
Stand: 1108 - 1109
Product Groups
  • Glass Processing Machinery
  • Glass Cutting Machinery
  • Glass Tempering Machinery
  • Insulating Glass Machinery
  • Insulating Glass Production Lines Butyl Thiokol Machines

Founded in Turkey, CMS Glass Machinery continues to design, produce, market and offer technical service for Float and Laminated Glass Cutting Lines and Machines, Glass Washing Lines and Machines, Glass Sealing Robots and Extruders, Spacer Frame Processing Machines, Glass Processing Machines, Laminated Glass Production Lines, Flat & Bending Glass Tempering Furnaces, Float Glass Production Lines.

Float & Laminated Glass Cutting MachinesAutomatic Glass Cutting Line

CMS Makineleri ile hattınızı ve fabrika alanınızı ihtiyacınıza ve tercihlerinize göre yapılandırın. FCL Serisi işletme maliyetinizi en aza indirmenize yardımcı olacak uzun ömürlü yapı ve istikrarlı bir tasarıma sahiptir.

Insulated Glass Production MachinesInsulated Glass Production Lines

The IG4.0 series is designed for automatic high-precision and high-speed washing, drying, assembly and pressing of insulating glass units. The specially developed design allows you to configure the main components of the line according to the needs of your production. The new generation insulating glass line also provides the possibility of increasing its functionality and modernizing technologies during the lifetime of line s operation.

Sealing Robots and ExtrudersAutomatic Glass Sealing Robot

Servo motor driven automatic glass sealing robot is designed to apply secondary sealing of insulated glass production process. Sealing application is performed flawlessly with high speed by servo motor controlled stable structure

Spacer Processing and Auxiliary MachinesAutomatic Desiccant Filling Machine

Automatic desiccant filling machine fills both sides of the spacer frame simultaneously with a desiccant drying agent for production of insulated glass units.

Spacer Processing and Auxiliary MachinesAUTOMATIC SPACER BENDING MACHINE

Automatic spacer bending machine, with a support platform at a 45° angle to manufacture spacer frames at selectable angle which is used in insulated glass units.

Spacer Processing and Auxiliary MachinesButyl Extruder

Butyl extruder can process different thickness spacer bars. The feeding nozzles can be positioned to deliver uniform sealing

Glass Processing MachinesGlass Double Edger Line

Configure your glass processing factory according to your needs and preferences with CMS glass processing machine solutions. With our many years of experience, we guarantee you a robust, reliable, maximum performance precision glass processing which capable of producing maximum quality processed finished glass with littleinvestment

Glass Processing MachinesCNC Vertical Glass Arrising Machine with Diamond Tool

CNC vertical glass arrising machine with diamond tool is designed to perform the seaming process at maximum speed and perfectly before glass tempering or insulated glass production. All operations are carried out automatically at maximum cycle speed

Glass Tempering FurnacesGlass Tempering Furnaces

In addition to its functional features, it has elegance look and stylish design that suits to your company. CMS glass tempering furnaces are designed to temper cut and processed flat glass, reflective glass, colored glass, hard-coated low-E glass or soft coated Low-E glass at maximum speed and quality

Laminated Glass Production LinesLaminated Glass Production Lines

Laminated glass production line is designed to produce laminated glass by choice of dimensions. The line is integrated with loading and unloading tables, horizontal glass washing machine, assembly station, pressing and convectional heating sections. By its PVB roller system the line can store and use different thickness and colors of PVB foils. Manual PVB application on the glass and manual PVB trimming complete features of this configuration

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