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Ahi Evran OSB Mah. Oğuz Cad. No : 11 06935 Sincan / ANKARA / Sincan / ANKARA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 312 395 3038
Hall: 11
Stand: 1127A
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Argesan Kalıp San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. was established in 1990 to produce plastic injection and metal sheet mould productions.At the end of 1999 Argesan stopped to produce these productions and started to manufacture Stainless Steel Staircase Railing and Connection Acccessories in Ballustrades and Handrails.In the developing process Argesan added it s product category Stainless Steel Glass Connection Accessories in accordance with market needs. ARGESAN is a leading company and well placed in his sector both in domestic and foreign markets with the conception of high quality production,delivery on time and consecutively service and has more than 2500 kinds of product varieties which have been produced by his own moulds. Argesan has higly experienced Project Department that can also make special productions according to the customer needs and their special demands that makes Argesan source feature in his sector. Production in Argesan is realized by different steps with extremely careful labor. Approved customer demands are transferred to project department, design works, technical calculations and production drawings for the orders are executed by our professional project team. Period of production it consists of three main sections as welded production, machining and surface finishing. The experience that Argesan gain from its activities till now is important for the development of our new products. All of our products is designed in high quality and taking care of safety, ease of application. In the wake of being committed to new technologies and R&D activities ARGESAN made an investment of 5+1 Axis Laser Machine and is ready to meet the demands of manufacturers who need multi axis laser cutting products. Argesan has continuing it s productions in 7.200 m2 factory area in Ankara Sincan Organize Sanayi Region. Today, customer expectations for quality, in terms of diversity and intensive, contain alive and active features. Argesan knows that the way of meeting these expectations is only provided by following latest international developments and renewing the quality of our products constantly. Our company aims providing customer s satisfaction, obtaining benefits for society and their own staff in long term. Argesan has adopted in principle a management style focusing on quality and based on employee participation. The organizations willing lasting success has to create a strong culture of union. Our studies are going on in our enterprise in which such a union is created in order to improve customer satisfaction year by year.

Glass and Door Fixing AccessoriesFloor Spring and Patch Fittings

It is a door closer which is applied in floor. It offers maximum reliability and quality thanks to its wide range of functions.

Aliminium Glass Railing SystemsOn Floor Aliminium Glass Railing System.

Aluminium on floor glass supporting systems provide the durability by making the connection between floor and glass. Aesthetic view appears when floor fixing parts are closed with 6 meter cap profile. 12 mm - 16 mm and 20 mm tempered and laminated glasses are suitable for this profile.

Cam Kapı MenteşeleriGlass and Wall Hinges

We have all kind of glass and Door Hinges which are used in Bathrooms.

Toilet Partition Cubicle Fitting SystemsToilet Partition Cubicle Fitting Systems

We have all types of Toilet Partition Cubicle Fitting Systems

Spider SystemsSpider Systems

We have four arms, 3 arms, 2 and single arm spider systems and fitting accessories.

Stainless Steel Stand Off Railing AccessoriesStainless Steel Stand Off Glass Railing Accessories

We have all kind off adjustable and fixing Stand Off Glass Railing Systems.

Stainless Steel Glass FittingsPaslanmaz Çelik Cam Bağlantı Elemanları ve Aksesuarları

We are at your service with glass doors, railings and with all our stainless steel fasteners used in exterior and interior facades.

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