Glass Performance Days 2018
March 07-09, 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

 GPD Istanbul 2018 will be held on 7– 9 March 2018 in conjunction with the Eurasia Glass Expo in Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center. The seminar focused on presenting high-level professional views on the latest global trends, the new Istanbul Airport case study and the use of glass in construction as well as new construction practices. The event also focuses on the quality production of laminated and tempered glass products and their various applications.

Step Change & Innovations Corner 7th of March - Latest ideas from glass - Hall 11

Startups, academics and key players in glass sector aiming to propel development of glass industry with their innovations & new technologies are introducing their Step Change programs. This event will address the need to have continuity in transferring knowledge from individuals to use of the whole sector. Come to meet personally the companies in their own area during the whole GPD. Step Change & Innovation presentations are presented in the seminar room of GPD area 7th March 2018. 

Wednesday 7th of March 2018 – Innovations & Step Change - Hall 11

12.45 Program of the day - KH TASARIM & DANISMANLIK, Mr. Kayhan Horasan
12.55 Welcoming speech - TUYAP & ŞİŞECAM FLAT GLASS
13.05 Startup and Step Change concept - GLASTON, Mr. Miika Äppelqvist
13.10 Laser for smart and ordinary glass processing - HYPERMEMO, Dr. Slava Vanyukov
13.20 Mobile Applications; To Make Your Life Easier - ŞİŞECAM FLAT GLASS , Ms. Dilara Ayaz
13.30 Glass goes to new era of digital printing - DIPTECH, Mr. Yariv Ninyo
13.40 New technic of coated glass edge deletion - CAMYAPI, Mr. Abidin Akulker
13.50 Coffee Break 14.05 IGU U-value estimation by different measurement system - SURAGUS, Dr. Marcus Klein
14.15 Argon gas analyser with laser for coated IGU – AYROX / SPARKLIKE, Mr. Mauri Saksala
14.25 Anisotropy & roller wave measurement systems – GLASTON, Mr. Miika Äppelqvist
14.35 Innovative glass point fixing façades - PENTAGTONAL LDA, Dr. Frederico Figueiredo
14.45 Towards sustainable catalytic coatings - TU BERLIN, Dr. Ruslan Muydinov
14.55 White light emission from rare earth ions - UNI. MARMARA, Dr. Murat Erdem
15.05 Mirror coatings for spray or brush application - ORMO, Mr. Ferdinand Trier
15.15 Deposition of FTO thin films on glass substrates by conventional and ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method - SERABOR, Mr. K. Çağatay İçli
Architectural design trends - IR ARCHITECTS, Prof. Ian Ritchie
Structural design trends - MALISHEV ENGINEERS, Mr. Gennady Vasilchenko-Malishev

Thursday 8th of March 2018 – Glass Architecture - Hall 11

10.50 Program of the day - KH TASARIM & DANISMANLIK, Mr. Kayhan Horasan
11.00 Welcoming speech - TUYAP, Mr. Ali Muharremoglu & ŞİŞECAM FLAT GLASS
11.10 GPD Decade of sharing knowledge - GPD, Mr. Jorma Vitkala

New Istanbul Airport case study 11.30 - 12.50

11.30 Designer point of view – IGA CONSORTIUM, Ms. Isilay Ascioglu
12.00 Glasses & project execution, Istanbul New Airport Project - ŞİŞECAM, Mr. Burak Demirel
12.30 Silicone Technologies for High Performance Facade - DOW CORNING, Mr. Markus Plettau
12.50 Lunch Break
14.00 IR Story of inventing with glass – glass future trends society/philosophy and design directionIR ARCHITECTS, Prof. Ian Ritchie
14.30 Laminated glass: Which interlayer for which application - KURARAY, Mr. Bjorn Sanden
14.50 Coffee Break
15.05 Glass selection to projects and quality assurance tips - ARDIC, Mr. Melih Ozguven
15.20 Globally important projects and driven experiences - CAMYAPI, Mr. Abidin Akulker
15.35 Window glass panel design methods - MACROSTATIC, Dr. M. Burak Yilmaz Friday

9th March 2018 – Glass Processing - Hall 11

10.50 Program of the day - KH TASARIM & DANISMANLIK, Mr. Kayhan Horasan
11.00 Welcoming speech - TUYAP, Mr. Ali Muharremoglu & ŞİŞECAM, Ms. Ebru Sapoglu
11.10 Worldwide glass market and trends - GPD, Mr. Jorma Vitkala
11.30 Bringing safety and durability to incredible heights – DOW CORNING, Ms. Pinar Cetin
11.50 Automating tempering process: efficiency and quality - GLASTON, Mr. Miika Äppelqvist
12.10 Lunch Break
13.00 New possibilities for open edge applications - KURARAY, Mr. Bjorn Sanden
13.20 Tempered glass quality measurement and development - GLASTON, Mr. Miika Äppelqvist
13.40 Golden rules of quality in Tempering and Laminating - ARDIC, Mr. Melih Ozguven
14.00 “Zero tolerance” - demanding project case studies and designer requirements - MALISHEV ENGINEERS, Mr. Gennady Vasilchenko-Malishev